Superlight Floor

    • Superlight balances the demands of both the workplace and home with a combination of minimal form and maximal function. Superlight is a task light reduced to its essence. A gestural line in space resulting in a precise yet playful structure defying gravity with an appearance of near weightlessness. Superlight achieves fluid, sweeping movement in every direction with a full 3-axis range of motion providing warm glare-free LED light exactly where you need it. Superlight is available as a desk, floor, wall, clamp or grommet mounted fixture.
    • FINISHES White
      MATERIALS Machined Aluminum
      Polycarbonate Lens
      Steel Base
      Felt Base Pads
      FEATURES 3-axis Rotation at Each Joint
      Ultra-light Minimal Frame
      1 Charcoal Colored Felt Base Pad
      Advanced LED array eliminates multiple shadows
      Full-range dim control
      Ships flat-packed

      SPECIFICATIONS Voltage: 120-240V 60Hz
      Power Consumption: 8.5W
      Color temperature: 3000K
      Luminosity: 700 Lumens
      Luminaire efficacy: 81 Lumens/Watt
      Color Rendition Index: 85+ CRI
      50K hour lifespan
      Cord length: 9’ (274cm)
      Global Multi-plug adapter available
      2 year warranty
      BULB TYPE High output LED array

    • Peter Stathis Stathis is the founder and principal designer of Virtual Studio, the collaborative industrial design and strategic development venture he founded in 1989. Projects encompass products, furniture, lighting, interiors, and accessories.
      Matthew BoykoMatthew Boyko is a San Francisco-based industrial designer working within a range of emergent technologies. Aside from client work, he also enjoys teaching as an adjunct professor at California College of the Arts. He holds design degrees from Rhode Island School of Design and Cranbrook Academy of Art.